CVS-1410c 10,4' dyptam 1kw -0

CVS-1410c 10,4' dyptam 1kw



CVS-1410c 10,4' dyptam 1kw


Koden CVS-1410 Dyptamæli 1kw 50-200 dýptamælir frá Koden. Superior clutter suppression and signal to noise ratio with Koden Digital Filtering (KDF), faster update rate for increased performance in shallow water. Detect fish close to the bottom at depth never before possible with the high frequency transducer. The affordable 1kW CVS-1410 series equals or beats the performance of the conventional sounders with 3 times the power output. Choice of either Standard or High Sensitivity Cost effective CVS-1410 as standard model or the CVS-1410HS as high sensitivity model – depending on your target fish, fishing method, fishing area and usage. The Auto Function on this sounder takes the guesswork out of operating the sounder. Even a novice user can achieve professional results by letting the CVS-1410 pick the optimal settings for Range, Shift and TVG. Dual Frequency Power Output: 1 kW IPX5 Water protection Basic range of 10 to 6000 feet 2.5 to 2,000 metres Main Functions: area display, store image, fishing hot spot, Sona-Tone Fish information, External trigger Features: Standard or High Sensitivity – 2 models: the cost effective CVS-1410 standard or the CVS-1410HS as high sensitivity model–depending on your target fish, fishing method, fishing area or usage. Detection area display – know exactly the bottom area covered by the low and high frequency sound beams. This can help target the fish directly under the boat or off to the side. Exclusive Sona-Tone identifies what is under your boat with different sounds for fish and schools of fish.Koden Dyptamæli 50-200kHz, 1kW

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